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Leslie Anne Mcilroy

forge [fawrj, fohrj]

By Leslie Anne Mcilroy (1) to form by heating and hammering; beat into shape, as in the child’s back
burning, shoulders of flame, ribs of shame till she is no longer what she
was, but what you want her to be; 2) to form or make, especially by
concentrated effort, as in pride, see the girl, my girl, take credit, look what I
Kathi Wolfe

Love at First Sight

By Kathi Wolfe In an elevator trapped
between the fifteenth and sixteenth
floor of her apartment building,
Sunday morning, Elizabeth, her cane
Kenneth Carroll

Presidential Love Letter

By Kenneth Carroll
Cornelius Eady

My Body Elizabeth

By Cornelius Eady
Douglas Kearney

No Homo

By Douglas Kearney
Rachel McKibbens

Tom Boy

By Rachel McKibbens
Marilyn Nelson

Millie Christine

By Marilyn Nelson
Wang Ping

On a Playground in Park Slope, Brooklyn a Retired Neurologist from Beijing is Cursing

By Wang Ping
Tim Seibles

One Turn Around the Sun

By Tim Seibles
Claudia Rankine

from “Citizen”

By Claudia Rankine
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