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Split This Rock Poetry Festival 2018 – Session Titles & Presenters

We're excited to share the list of selected sessions for Split This Rock Poetry Festival: Poems of Provocation & Witness below. Look for the full festival schedule with session descriptions later this winter. A few additional sessions are in the works and the list below is subject to change.


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Image of a Split This Rock Poetry Festival 2016 session.20-Years of Voice: Teaching, Writing & Activism with Community-Word Project
Presenters: Ellen Hagan, Michele Kotler, Muriel Leung, M.K. Rainey, Renée Watson

After Tizon & Duterte: Reclaiming Narratives of the Filipinx Diaspora
Presenters: Regie Cabico, Jerrica Escoto, Christopher Rose, Janice Sapigao

Sister Love: Celebrating the Letters between Pat Parker and Audre Lorde
Presenters: Cheryl Clarke, Alexis De Veaux, Julie Enszer, Reginald Harris, JP Howard, Mecca Jamilah Sullivan

Crossing Borders Before and After Now
Presenters: Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, Sonia Guiñansaca, Barbara Jane Reyes, Javier Zamora

Crying at the News: Uses of Sadness in Poetry & Resistance
Presenters: Fatimah Asghar, Cameron Awkward-Rich, Franny Choi, Hieu Minh Nguyen, sam sax, Danez Smith

Fantasy As Reality: Activism and Catharsis through Speculative Writing
Presenters: Rita Banerjee, Marlena Chertock, Alex DiFrancesco, Christina M. Rau

Hacking Norms & the Contested BodyMind
Presenters: kay ulanday barrett, Travis Chi Wing Lau, Jim Ferris, Molly McCully Brown, Susannah Nevison, Jillian Weise

Holding Space Beyond the Page: Black Women Writers on Solidarity
Presenters: Destiny Birdsong, April Gibson, Kateema Lee, Maya Marshall

Islands and Borders: Reimagining the Poetry of the Black Diaspora
Presenters: Jonterri Gadson, Shauna Morgan, Christopher Rose, Frank X Walker

Kevlar Hearts: Poetic Strategies for Engaging Police Violence
Presenters: F. Douglas Brown, Mahogany Browne, Kyle Dargan, Amanda Johnston

The Living Text: Bodies on the Line
Presenters: Cameron Awkward-Rich, K. Bradford, Angel Dominguez, Roger Sedarat, Emerson Whitney

Poet's Forum - Presented in Partnership with the Poetry Foundation & POETRY Magazine
Presenters: Split This Rock Poetry Festival Featured Poets 

Poetics in the Wake of Sexual, Gendered, and Inherited Violence
Presenters: Marina Blitshteyn, Cathy Linh Che, Lynn Melnick, Tanya Paperny, Chet'la Sebree

Poetics of the Veteran Art Movement: Warrior Writers/Combat Paper
Presenters: Kevin Basl, Chantelle Bateman, Lovella Calica

Radical Traditions: tatiana de la tierra and Gloria Anzaldúa's Poetry
Presenters: Sarah A. Chavez, Julie Enszer, Olga Garcia, Sara Gregory, Dan Vera

#RedStateWritersResist: Strategies for Writing and Living in a Red State
Presenters: Jennie Case, Meg Day, Miguel M. Morales, Wendy Oleson, Maria Vasquez Boyd

Riding Through Despair
Presenters: Anna Deeny Morales, Leeya Mehta, Vivek Narayanan, John Rosenwald, Marc Vincenz

Shifting & Showing Cultures: A QTPOC Poetics Ritual
Presenters: kay ulanday barrett, Sonia Guiñansaca, Muriel Leung, Rajiv Mohabir, Alan Pelaez

Sick/Disabled Realities: Striving Poetics of Ache, Interdependence & Survival
Presenters: kay ulanday barrett, Cyree Jarelle Johnson, Tyler Vile

Translators as Activists, Curators, and Cultural Interpreters
Presenters: Francisco Aragón, Aviya Kushner, Olga Livshin, Katherine Young

Walls Won't Divide Us: Resisting Trump by Exploring Baltimore Murals
Presenters: celeste doaks, Ailish Hopper, Steven Levya, Anthony Moll





Image of a session at Split This Rock Poetry Festival 2016. A poet performs a poem."Against Death What Other Stay Than Love": Disabled Poets Read
Presenters: Sandra Beasley, Meg Day, Constance Merritt, Khadijah Queen, Jillian Weise

BE YOU/DO YOU: Rejoin; Rejoice
Presenters: Curtis Crisler, Cornelius Eady, Van Garrett, Sammy Greenspan, Christine Howey, Frank Mundo, Deborah Schwartz, Rose Smith

Carved from the Rock: WOC Poets on Expanding Sanctuary
Presenters: Mahogany Browne, Yesenia Montilla, Cynthia Oka, Seema Reza

Enlarging Poetics: Writing the Fat Body
Presenters: Aaron Apps, Jessica Rae Bergamino, Diamond Forde, Jennifer Jackson Berry, Sade LaNay (fka Murphy), Kara van de Graaf, Rachel Wiley

Ghost Fishing Book Launch
Presenters: Melissa Tuckey & Others TBA

No F*cks to Give: Women Poets and Dark Humor
Presenters: Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Kendra DeColo, Cate Marvin, Shara McCallum, Tyler Mills

The Poet as Parent: Inoculating For and Against the World
Presenters: Mario Chard, Camille T. Dungy, Erika Meitner, David Thacker

Invisible Poets: Literary Activists as Writers
Presenters: Elmaz Abinader, Sarah Browning, Cathy Linh Che, Celeste Mendoza

Poetry of Praise: Reclaiming Religion and Spirituality for the Resistance
Presenters: Ayari Aguayo-Ceribo, Rose Berger, Sunu Chandy, Temim Fruchter, Letta Neely, Marie Varghese

Poets at the Borderlands of Change: Celebrating Gloria Anzaldúa
Presenters: Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, Tara Betts, Sarah A. Chavez, Olga García Echeverría, Lupe Mendez, Dan Vera

Quitting History! Poets Penning Liberation
Presenters: Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, Shauna Morgan, Enzo Surin

Reciting Poetry in Minefields: Co-translating Young Iraqi Poets
Presenter: Abbas Kadhim and David Allen Sullivan

Robots Speak Back!: Asian American Speculative Poetry Reading
Presenters: Neil Aitken, Ching-In Chen, Rachelle Cruz, Sally Wen Mao, Lo Kwa Mei-En, Noel Mariano, Margaret Rhee

Seniors for Social Justice
Presenters: Patsy Asuncion, John Guzlowski, Natalie Lobe, Amelia Williams

Sheyr Jangi: Lineages of Survival
Presenters: Majda Gama, Rami Karim, Aurora Masum-Javed, Sahar Muradi, Sham-e-Ali Nayeem, Zohra Saed, Purvi Shah

Sweet, Fraught South: Readings and Incitements to Write from Place
Presenters: Anna Lena Phillips Bell, Erica Dawson, Ashley M. Jones, Heidi Lynn Staples

This is a Love Story To Me and My People
Presenters: Jody Chan, Tatiana Figueroa Ramirez, Nancy Huang, Jazmynn Vazquez, Claudia Wilson, Aurielle Marie, J. Hiba

Timeless Infinite Light: QTIPOC POETS
Presenters: Andrea Abi-Karam, Angel Dominguez, Jasmine Gibson, Joel Gregory, Hannah Kezema, Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta, Raquel Salas Rivera

Walk Towards It - Poetry for the World We Deserve
Presenters: Louis Alemayehu, Lisa Marie Brimmer, Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe, Michael Kleber-Diggs, Erin Sharkey, Coya White Hat-Artichoker

When I Enter: Black Queer Femme Sex, Resistance, and Survival
Presenters: M. Saida Agostini, Xandria Phillips, Casey Lynne Rocheteau, Alison C. Rollins

Witness and Experience: Luso/Latinx Poets Voicing Brick City Life
Presenters: Roberto Carlos Garcia, Marina Carreira, Dimitri Reyes, Hugo Dos Santos, paulA neves, Ysabel Y. Gonzalez

Youth Open Mic
Presenters: Mic Open to Young People 19 & Under! - Audience Open to All! 





Image of a a workshop at Split This Rock Poetry Festival 2016. Several people are writing on pieces of large white paper posted on a wall.“Affirm, Ground & Heal, In that Order”
Presenter: Sequoya Hayes

Arabic/English Poetry Game Workshop
Presenters: Zein El-Amine, Zahara Heckscher, Johnna Schmidt

Choosing Anger: Responding to Injustice with Constructive Rage
Presenters: Leslieann Hobayan, Rose Strode

Cultivating Empowerment Through Poetry: Teaching in Shelter Facilities
Presenter: Elizabeth Jacobson

Dreaming America: Undocumented Youth in Maximum-Security Prison
Presenter: Seth Michelson

Mixed Messages: Disrupting Dominant Narratives of Multiracial Identity in 2018
Presenters: Natasha Chapman, Naliyah Kaya

Resiliency in Daunting Times: A Workshop in Yoga & Writing
Presenter: Yael Flusberg

Resistance & Reclamation: Creating Effective Social Justice Community Art Collaborations
Presenters: Audra Buck-Coleman, Naliyah Kaya, Lamontre Randall

Swamps + Sweetgums: Poetics of Marronage
Presenter: Cantrice Janelle Penn

Tools from the Craft of Editing: A Revision-Based Workshop
Presenters: Anna Lena Phillips Bell, Sumita Chakraborty

Witnessing Your Own Work: Developing a Reading or Performance Style
Presenter: Rosamond King

Wordplay: Poetry & Self-Advocacy for Youth with Autism
Presenter: Donnie Welch

Writing Climate Change: Environmental Justice & the Power of Storytelling
Presenter: Devi Lockwood

Writing from Where We Are: Race, Queerness, and Bearing Witness
Presenters: Kali Boehle-Silva, Bianca Vazquez

Youth-Led Writing Workshop for All
Presenters: Led by Members of Split This Rock's Award-Winning Youth Programs