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Teaching Gender Segregated Sex Writing Class

By Regie Cabico

I get to edit penis poems and feel like Michelangelo
Making masterpieces of what is private and unsculpted
Beneath the writing table
All I have to say is My penis is…
And their testosterone-fueled pens fly
Like a baseball past a stadium larger than Dollywood
They hand me their penis poems drafts
As if I were an army medical examiner


To help women write about their genitalia, I have them
Transform assorted tampons into other objects
With the hope that they can view their own bodies as political metaphors

It was not an Anne Sexton Celebration of My Uterus moment


My vagina experiences are limited
NYU sophomore year
Her naked body curved,
the fallopian part of a question mark
surrendering to my non-existent exclamation point

I thought of a cactus slit
men search to quench their desert thirst
National Geographic issues with breasts
The Discovery Channel and marsupial pouches,
a layer of sky upon layer of invisible stratosphere.
Coitus would be jumping kamikaze
and into a wave,
fluid framed by her hips


I have the men write quickie poems.
They repeatedly refer to her wetness
as if a humidifier were attached down there…

There are lots of liquids, I remind them,
Could you be more specific?


My womb is a secret family recipe,
she says, and closes her notebook.


Clara is disappointed
that a writing class called Breaking Sky
is canceled. She wanted to play with hyperbole
when out of the blue
she says her hymen is sky
Well, it sounds like your sky is broken
Yes, she laughs, but there are always new horizons.

Added: Thursday, January 21, 2016  /  Used with permission.
Regie Cabico

Regie Cabico is a spoken word pioneer having won The Nuyorican Poets Cafe Grand Slamand later taking top prizes in three National Poetry Slams. Television credits include TEDx, 2 seasons of HBO's ​Def Poetry Jam​, NPR's ​Snap Judgement, and MTV's Free Your Mind. Mr.Cabico is a teaching artist with The Kennedy Center Arts Education, The VirginiaCommission for the Arts & The DC Commision for the Arts & Humanities. He is a foundingboard member of Split This Rock and produces Capturing Fire: A International Slam and ispublisher for Capturing Fire Press.

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