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Poem of the Week Series

Split This Rock's red logo is above bold black text, which reads

Image Description: Split This Rock’s red logo is at the top. Under it is over black bold text that reads “Poem of the Week” with three red dots centered underneath.

About the Poem of the Week Series

Split This Rock's Poem of the Week series publishes a contemporary poem online each week and sends them via our weekly email newsletter. You can sign up to receive Poem of the Week along with other emails from Split This Rock by completing this brief sign-up form.

All poems Split This Rock has published in the series since 2009, along with contest winners and video from past festivals and youth programs, are available in The Quarry: A Social Justice Poetry Database, searchable by social justice theme, author’s identity, state, and geographic region. Like all of Split This Rock’s programs, Poem of the Week and The Quarry are designed to bring poetry fully to the center of public life.

We encourage you to use and share these poems widely, and ask only that you credit the author and name Split This Rock’s Poem of the Week Series and/or The Quarry: A Social Justice Poetry Database as the source. Please also include a direct link to the database for any reproduction of poems. However, poets retain all rights to their work. If you would like to reprint the poem, please reach out to the poet directly for permissions. If the poem is reprinted, we request that you credit The Quarry.

Accessibility: If the newsletter sign up or online donation forms are not accessible to you, please reach out to Poem of the Week emails include text as well as audio or video versions of the poem, alt text and image descriptions, high color contrast, the option to view the email as a web page, and content notices as appropriate.