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Split This Rock Supports a Free Palestine

Split This Rock is behind the Palestinian community. We mourn the Palestinians whose lives have been lost, whose homes have been destroyed or stolen, whose land is under colonial occupation. Being in solidarity with Palestine is not an act of antisemitism. This is not a conflict, it is genocide. Israel is committing war crimes against Palestinians. This didn’t start last week. It’s been going on for nearly 80 years. We apologize for not saying this sooner: Free Palestine. Free Palestine. Free Palestine.

As part of Split This Rock’s mission to cultivate, teach, and celebrate poetry that bears witness to injustice and provokes social change, we invite you to attend Radius of Arab American Writers (RAWI) Fest where a number of readers and presenters are Palestinian and of the Palestinian Diaspora. We invite you to support their work and hear from them directly. Learn more at RAWI's website.

To learn more about how you can help Free Palestine, check out the following action items and resources recommended from Palestinian community members:

Read Palestinian Poets:

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