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All The Kids With Rhythm Bang on Metal Locker Doors At Lunchtime

By Joselia Rebekah Hughes

Black able rack able
hack able tack able
lack able slack able

Trace able mace able
shake able take able
hate able State able
Blame able tame able
change able shame able
break able rate able
Date able
sate able
play able
pay able
trade able
race able




Listen as Joselia Rebekah Hughes reads "All The Kids With Rhythm Bang on Metal Locker Doors At Lunchtime".

Added: Tuesday, July 12, 2022  /  Used with permission.
Joselia Rebekah Hughes
Photo by Joselia Rebekah Hughes.

Joselia Rebekah Hughes is a writer, artist, and Caribbean-American living in the Bronx. She is a 2021 Art Matters Artist2Artist Fellow. Joselia’s work can be found in Apogee, Blackflash Magazine, Ocean State Review, The Poetry Project: Poems and Texts, Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University (ICA at VCU), Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), and elsewhere. Her book, Blackable: A Nopem, is forthcoming on Inpatient Press.

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