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By Anna Maria Hong

out of this world & out of time & out

of love & out of mind & out of the

pan & out of butter, out of anger

& out of mother, out of the cradle

& out of pocket, out of space & out

of cash & out of change & out of sight

& out of range & force of habit

& out of oil & out of whack & out

of water & Damascus, out of courtesy

& out of shock & out of duty

& out of turn & out of tune & out of line

& out of the ground & out of his gourd

& out of all the possible solutions,

out of the ashes & conviction

Added: Friday, April 29, 2016  /  Previously in "The Nation" (March 5, 2014). Used with permission.
Anna Maria Hong

Anna Maria Hong’s first poetry collection, Age of Glass, won the Cleveland State University Poetry Center’s 2017 First Book Poetry Competition and was published in April 2018. Her novella H & G won the A Room of Her Own Foundation’s Clarissa Dalloway Prize and was published by Sidebrow Books in May 2018. Her second poetry collection, Fablesque, won Tupelo Press’s Berkshire Prize and will be published in early 2020. She joins the Literature faculty at Bennington College in July 2018.

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