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Defend Black Lives Now. Defund Policing. Invest in care for people.

Split This Rock was founded in fellowship halls and in the streets, and we continue giving attention and solidarity to the streets, to Black organizers in DC and beyond, to the families and communities who are grieving Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and every Black life taken by a long history of state-sanctioned violence, to lawyers and medics, and those who are sheltering protestors and bailing people out of jail, from Minneapolis, Louisville, Tallahassee, Columbus, Jackson, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Houston, in major cities and small towns in every state, and to you, wherever you are.

At Split This Rock, we remember that this whole nation is made from stolen Indigenous land and with stolen Black labor. We pay attention to the recent looting of Covid-19 emergency funds -- a looting that represents one of the greatest transfers of wealth in US history and is set to deepen racial inequality for generations. This is the history of looting we remember.

We know that many communities are joining in struggle now. We want to remember that the white supremacist violence visited on so many of our communities goes back to before the founding of this settler colonial nation and that this nation has been anti-Black and anti-Indigenous from before its beginning. We must remember these root causes to really understand the origins of violence against so many of our communities: the escalation of verbal and physical violence visited on Asian American communities during the spread of COVID-19, the cruel disregard for the lives of disabled and chronically ill people during a global pandemic, the genocidal violence against Latinx communities, the continued surveillance and policing of people racialized as Muslim under the Patriot act and the War on Terror, the continued criminalization of all non-white immigrants, legislative and physical violence against women (cis, trans, and nonbinary), the criminal disregard for the ecosystems that sustain us all, and on and on across the frontlines of resistance being held by so many reading these words.

We must remember anti-Blackness and anti-Indigenous violence as root causes in order to protect and nurture each other's liberation. Fannie Lou Hamer, who founded the Freedom Democratic Party in Mississippi when she was excluded from the Democratic party apparatus there, taught us that Nobody is free until Everybody is free. 

Our liberation depends on each other.  
We invite you to join us to:

Support Black-led Organizations in Washington, DC & beyond 

Instead of donating to Split This Rock right now, please give your attention and donations to these Black-led organizations working in literature and community organizing:

Support Actions from Home

We know there are many ways to support struggles for liberation, and we prioritize disability justice. We recommend this guide: 26 Ways to Be in the Struggle Beyond the Streets, shared by Ejeris Dixon, co-editor with Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha of Beyond Survival: Strategies and Stories from the Transformative Justice Movement.

What does it mean to defund police and fund care for people?

Learn more about reform, defunding, and abolition on Critical Resistance's website. Critical Resistance is a national, member-based organization, founded in 1997, that has been led by Black scholars and activists including Angela Davis, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, and others.

What We're doing at Split This Rock

We remain committed to actions aimed at undoing oppression. A few of those actions include:

  • Centering Black voices & reflections on state-sanctioned violence in Split This Rock programs
  • Reducing social media activity that does not address calls for change, and instead using those channels to amplify the work of Black-led organizing and communities
  • Continuing our work to cultivate a culture at Split This Rock that confronts & eliminates white supremacist practices, both internally and externally
  • Continuing to fund programs that feature Black poets and teaching artists and other people of color and that centers their work on all themes

Thank you for the ways you stay connected with and fight for each other's liberation. May we renew our commitment to defend All Black Lives -- including Black women's lives, Black trans lives, and Black disabled lives. May we commit to these lineages of struggle, to each other, and to the land that bears our weight.

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