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How young writers are leading a poetry comeback

Split This Rock's Director of Youth Programs tells PBS Newshour how young writers are leading a poetry comeback:

“Young people are taking the opportunity outside class to continue pursuing and reading and engaging poetry, whether it be in print or through YouTube videos,” Green said. “They want it and then they’re replicating it; they’re starting to write their own poems.”

Green and Split This Rock work directly with students and teachers in Washington, D.C. classrooms through after-school writing clubs and professional development programs — all aimed, in part, at promoting contemporary poetry curriculum in the classroom. Social justice is also a central mission for Split This Rock, focused on poetry as a tool for change. Green said it is easy for young people to engage with and share the art of poetry in today’s digital age, making it an ideal medium of self expression.

Read the full article on the PBS Newshour website.

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