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By Maren Lovey Wright-Kerr

when the makeup aisle stops at “caramel”

it means
the makeup industry just thinks you already too pretty to need they products

but sometimes
i just wish
i could see my face beat

without watching the news




Listen as Maren Lovey Wright-Kerr reads "darkskin."

Added: Tuesday, March 17, 2020  /  From “this book is all lowercase because i don't cap,” (Uptown Press, 2020). Used with permission.
Maren Lovey Wright-Kerr

Maren Lovey Wright-Kerr is the 2019 Northeast Regional Youth Poet Laureate and was the youngest to obtain the role of Baltimore Youth Poet Laureate in 2018. She is also the 2018 winner of Split This Rock's Hyper Bole Youth Poetry Slam Festival, and a two time Baltimore Youth Grand Slam champion. This is also her fourth year on the Baltimore City Youth Poetry Team, with whom Maren became an International Youth Grand Slam Champion at the Brave New Voices Festival in 2019. She has also recently published her first collection of poems and illustrations this book is all lowercase because i don't cap. At 18, Maren is a freshman in film studies at Pratt Institute and can be found on instagram @afr0delic.

Maren Lovey Wright-Kerr is a Featured Poet for Split This Rock Poetry Festival: Poems of Provocation & Witness. For more information, visit the Festival web page.

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