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Split This Rock Announces 2019 Best of the Net Nominations

 Image of Split This Rock's 2019 Best of the Net Nominations announcement which includes the Split This Rock logo and collaged images of nominated poets: Kay Ulanday Barrett, Mahogany Browne, Rasheed Copeland, Majda Gama, Emmy Pérez, and Raquel Salas Rivera.

Split This Rock is delighted to announce six nominations for the 2019 Best of the Net Anthology. Please join us in celebrating these wonderful poems and poets:

“Aunties love it when seafood is on sale” by Kay Ulanday Barrett

“excerpt from ‘Nation Induced Disorder” by Mahogany Browne

“Weed Brownies (Allegory of the Dispensary)” by Rasheed Copeland

“Sexton Nights” by Majda Gama

“from ‘Cajas/Boxes with Zero Tolerance” by Emmy Pérez

“desahucio / eviction” by Raquel Salas Rivera

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