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Split This Rock Supports a Free Palestine

Split This Rock is in solidarity with Palestinians in their ongoing struggle for liberation. We condemn the occupation of Palestine that has persisted for decades and the continuing genocide of its people by the apartheid state of Israel. The U.S. is complicit in this genocidal campaign through funding and arming Israel and endorsing Zionist propaganda. Alongside mainstream English-language media, the U.S. government also shares responsibility for the rise of anti-Palestinian vitriol and hate crimes here and in other Global North countries. While Palestinians around the world are being censored, harassed, and intimidated, protests in support of their lives and liberation are also being suppressed. Being in solidarity with Palestine is not an act of antisemitism. This is not a conflict, it is genocide.

Free Palestine. Free Palestine. Free Palestine. 

We encourage you to engage with the following resources for updates and actions you can take to be in solidarity with Palestinians: 

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