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Cornelius Eady

My Body Elizabeth

By Cornelius Eady
Marilyn Nelson

Millie Christine

By Marilyn Nelson
Claudia Rankine

from “Citizen”

By Claudia Rankine
Gayle Danley

She Didn’t Need to Know

By Gayle Danley
Franny Choi

Pussy Monster

By Franny Choi
Shailja Patel

The Cup Runneth Over

By Shailja Patel
Aracelis Girmay


By Aracelis Girmay When the boys are carnivals
we gather round them in the dark room
& they make their noise while drums
ricochet against their bodies & thin air
Paul Tran

I Want

By Paul Tran TO SAY IT PLAIN. He comes inside
without a sound. I shut the door

I should have never opened. My body
flips over on the bed like a coin
Jamila Woods

Blk Girl Art

By Jamila Woods Poems are bullshit unless they are eyeglasses, honey
tea with lemon, hot water bottles on tummies. I want
poems my grandma wants to tell the ladies at church
about. I want orange potato words soaking in the pot
Elmaz Abinader

Where the Body Rests

By Elmaz Abinader Our skin has turned to parchment
Our skin has turned to parchment
Our skin are the scrolls upon which
This history will be written
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