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Fady Joudah

The Mind in State

By Fady Joudah Does consciousness exist only when
you name it? Was the double helix a
stranger, the nucleus the first brain?
I feel therefore I am. This is more
Cornelius Eady

My Body Elizabeth

By Cornelius Eady
Martín Espada


By Martín Espada
Kim Roberts

The International Fruit of Welcome

By Kim Roberts
Jose Padua


By Jose Padua
Sonia Sanchez

Poem for Split This Rock

By Sonia Sanchez
Anne Waldman

Allegorical Baraka

By Anne Waldman
Maria Melendez Kelson

For Light So Loved the World She Gave it More

By Maria Melendez Kelson
Carolyn Forché

The Museum of Stones

By Carolyn Forché These are your stones, assembled in matchbox and tin,
collected from roadside, culvert, and viaduct,
battlefield, threshing floor, basilica, abattoir–
stones, loosened by tanks in the streets
Sheila Maldonado

great blood

By Sheila Maldonado you come from greatness

remember that

you are the descendant of great kings

remember that
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