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Ma Mere n’a Jamais eu des ailes (My momma never had wings)

By Pages Matam


Ma Mere n'a Jamais eu des ailes
My momma never had wings

But she could tap dance on hurricanes
And played poker with death
She couldn't teach me how to be a good man
But taught me how to be a good human being
How to sit up right, stand up straight, walk tall, face forward
Be proud of who you are, aint much God left in this world
But treat the world like there's still plenty God left in you

Ma Mere n'a Jamais eu des ailes

But she's always had this global warming smile
Told me to love only a woman
who could melt the polar ice caps of your past
Sat me down one day and exclaimed
"you better treat a woman as you would treat me, because if you don't
I will be on the next plane to slap you back into this country,
You are a Cameroonian man, we do not do that shit"

My mother
just said

But then she continued,
beware of the tempting ballad of Jazzy Belles
With Tuba lips, trombone legs and a bass line
That could turn any man into a crooked song
So make sure to never sleep with no one else's bones
but your own.

My momma never had wings
She believed if you try too hard to reach for the sun
You will end up in flames. Do not be a handsome shadow of Icarus...sun
Learn how to stay grounded...sun
Teach trees about their roots, and never give the world your tears
Only smiles gift-wrapped in forgiveness
Cuz Mama said, a "Hater" just a person with their "Heart" all jumbled up.
Their self worth drowning in a sea of simulation
turning the oceans in their chests, into puddles of insecurities.
Because those who show you no love,
are usually the ones who need to see it the most

Ma Mere n'a Jamais eu des ailes
My momma never had wings

But damn she could fly
Could care less about gravity
When she could bend space and time between her fingertips
She wears the fabric of the universe like a second skin.
Her first, being her will to always survive.

Added: Monday, July 7, 2014  /  Used with permission.
Pages d. Matam

Pages d. Matam is a multidimensional creative writing and performance artist, residing in the D.C. metropolitan area, but originally from Cameroon, Africa. Author, educator, activist, playwright, host, event organizer, Award Winning slam poet, and his greatest accomplishment, being a father. A proud gummy bear elitist, bowtie enthusiast, professional hugger and anime fanatic, be prepared to be taken on a journey of cultural and personal discovery unapologetic in its silly, yet visceral and beautifully honest in its storytelling.

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