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EVEN MORE highly viewed poems from The Quarry’s last year!

This April, in celebrating National Poetry Month, we announced the 10 most-viewed poems published in Split This Rock’s social justice poetry database, The Quarry, in 2018. We were so excited to share those poems that we decided to highlight EVEN MORE highly-viewed poems from 2018. Behold and be held by this strong stack:

We invite readers to find these poems in The Quarry: A Social Justice Poetry Database, along with their 600-plus kin. These poems are fuel for the long work of resisting the old world while imagining a new one. The poems are searchable by social justice theme and poet identity. Since its launch in 2015, poems in this collection have been viewed over 350,000 times! You may read previous collections of most-viewed poems at Split This Rock’s blog, Blog This Rock.

The Quarry is available as a free resource for educators, writers, readers, organizers for use as prompts for classes and workshops, to focus discussions and open meetings, in advocacy and community work, and keeping one’s own flame glowing. If you use these poems, or others from The Quarry, in these or other innovative ways, please tell us your story by emailing us at

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