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Un templo que no está en el templo / A temple not in the temple

By Homero Aridjis

Un templo que no está en el templo

Un templo que no está en el templo
un templo fuera de su forma
un templo más antiguo que las piedras
un templo que nos habla y no nos nombra
un templo inmóvil que sigue su camino
un templo más rápido que el pensamiento
me refiero al aire
al templo aire


A temple not in the temple

A temple not in the temple
A temple apart from its form
A temple older than the stones
A temple speaking to us but not naming us
A temple without motion that moves on its way
A temple swifter than thought
I refer to air
the temple of air

Added: Wednesday, July 16, 2014  /  From "Solar Poems" (City Lights Publishers, 2010). Used with permission.
Homero Aridjis
Photo by Lynda Koolis.

Homero Aridjis is the author of more than thirty books of poetry and prose and is one of Latin America's leading environmental activists.  In 1985 he founded the Group of 100, an association of artists and intellectuals devoted to environmental protection and the defense of biodiversity in Mexico and Latin America. Twice the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, Aridjis has taught at Columbia University, NYU, and the University of Indiana. He has served as Mexican ambassador to the Netherlands and Switzerland, and was twice elected President of International PEN.  

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