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Ars Poetica

By Kevin Simmonds

I can write a poem
to the limbs of a grandmother
seeded in a scorched field
where her house stood
before the drone

I can write as her left arm singing
to its hand
Calm now, she's gone

Some man
I'm almost certain
it's a man
can write a memo
about this field
left foot tapping impatiently

His memo isn't a poem
but who said it had to be

Added: Tuesday, July 15, 2014  /  From "Bend to it" (Salmon Poetry, 2014). Used with permission.
Kevin Simmonds

Kevin Simmonds is a writer, musician and filmmaker originally from New Orleans. His books include the poetry collections Bend to it (Salmon Poetry, 2014) and Mad for Meat (Salmon Poetry, 2011), and two edited works: the poetry anthology Collective Brightness: LGBTIQ Poets on Faith, Religion & Spirituality (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2011) and the late poet Carrie Allen McCray's Ota Benga under My Mother's Roof (University of South Carolina Press, 2012). He wrote the music for the Emmy Award-winning documentary Hope: Living & Loving with HIV in Jamaica and Voices of Haiti: A Post-Quake Odyssey in Verse, both commissioned by the Pulitzer Center. His genre-defying films, including Ass, feti(sh)ame, Singing Whitman, and Trace, have screened internationally. He divides his time between Brooklyn, San Francisco and Japan.

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