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Dear End of Terror,

By Vanessa Huang

May you rest
In peace
This night
Body of hurt
Breathe easy

May rest
Bring new light
Your heart
Space widen

May wide truth
Sink deep
Sing wide
To each part
May each war
Holy body
Grow soul

Added: Thursday, July 3, 2014  /  Used with permission.
Vanessa Huang
Photo by: Morgan Bassichis

At home in diaspora from Atlanta and Oakland to Taipei, Vanessa Huang is a poet, interdisciplinary artist, and cultural organizer who weaves poemsongs with moments of creative aliveness and transformative encounter, color, and texture in call and response with kindred spirits who dream and make worlds where each and all of us are free. A finalist for Poets & Writers’ 2010 California Writers Exchange Award and Kundiman’s 2014 Poetry Prize, Vanessa’s poetry and practice inherit teachings from the prison abolition, migrant justice, gender liberation, transformative justice, disability justice, and reproductive justice movements.

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