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Edward Salem

Exile’s Terrarium

By Edward Salem I’d planned a sculpture called
Getting Home, built from
my land in Palestine—
soil, shrubbery, stones,
an entire olive tree

chopped and dissected
into shippable parts
and air mailed in boxes
to my home in Detroit.
Johnson Cheu

Becky Declines Barbie’s Dinner Invitation

By Johnson Cheu I should have figured as much.
After all, it took over thirty years
to realize Barbie’s Malibu
convertible isn’t accident-proof.
Suzi F. Garcia

Emotional Wasteland

By Suzi F. Garcia It is April now, with its mix of sweet and snow. I stand barefoot on an apartment patio to vape. My toes curl on themselves to fight off the cold and my legs shake under my leggings. I have been drugged officially and unofficially, some would say gone, but I can feel light in my hips as they sway to the song I’m playing in my head.
Noor Hindi

The World’s Loneliest Whale Sings the Loudest Song

By Noor Hindi I won’t make metaphors out of fish. If I have to die, I choose the ocean. If I have to live, I choose you. You: Everyone I’ve ever mourned. I believe less & less of sunlight these days. I won’t die alone. To awaken crying is to awaken displaced. Ghost of your joy in the bathtub. A face in the mirror. Your nephew’s painting in the foyer.
Monica Rico

The Universe, According to Rufino Tamayo

By Monica Rico Past the breath that only stars have, I find myself
an open hand of night with pupils that eclipse the moon.

The blackness underneath my feet, not above where the sky is filled with sea.
My eyelash covers the arm of the galaxy with one word that means, here.
Susan Eisenberg

As I Pay Forty Dollars

By Susan Eisenberg for my asthma inhaler that
last year cost fifteen
I pause for the mom
Dunya Mikhail


By Dunya Mikhail Our clay tablets are cracked
Scattered, like us, are the Sumerian letters
“Freedom” is inscribed this way:
Dunya Mikhail

The Iraqi Nights, Section 7

By Dunya Mikhail In Iraq,
after a thousand and one nights,
someone will talk to someone else.
Markets will open
for regular customers.
Khaled Mattawa


By Khaled Mattawa Khaled Mattawa performs the poem "Ecclesiastes" at the 2012 Split This Rock Poetry Festival.
Dunya Mikhail

The Shape of the World

By Dunya Mikhail Dunya Mikhail reads "The Shape of the World" at the 2014 Split This Rock Poetry Festival.
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