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Joseph Green

Talk Ugly

By Joseph Green This poem is in video format.
Imani Cezanne


By Imani Cezanne There is no moment when I am more reminded of my Blackness
than when I am at an airport walking through TSA
The Security Administration
Whose job it is to keep the planes from terrorism
Elexia Alleyne

The Love for My Culture

By Elexia Alleyne Maybe it’s the Spanish running through my veins
That’s the only way I know how to explain it
Maybe it’s the r’s rrrolling off my tongue
Bobbi Johnson

Untitled Spoken Word

By Bobbi Johnson
Thomas Hill


By Thomas Hill This poem is in video format.
Naomi Ayala

Within Me

By Naomi Ayala
Kenneth Carroll

Presidential Love Letter

By Kenneth Carroll
Galway Kinnell

To the States, by Walt Whitman

By Galway Kinnell
Andrea Gibson

For Eli

By Andrea Gibson
Cornelius Eady

My Body Elizabeth

By Cornelius Eady
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