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Thomas Hill


By Thomas Hill This poem is in video format.
Kenneth Carroll

Presidential Love Letter

By Kenneth Carroll Kenneth Carroll performs the poem "Presidential Love Letter" at the 2008 Split This Rock Poetry Festival.
Kim Roberts

The International Fruit of Welcome

By Kim Roberts Kim Roberts performs the poem "The International Fruit of Welcome" at the 2012 Split This Rock Poetry Festival.
Gayle Danley

She Didn’t Need to Know

By Gayle Danley Gayle Danley performs "She Didn't Need to Know" at the 2014 Split This Rock Poetry Festival.
Carolyn Forché

The Museum of Stones

By Carolyn Forché Carolyn Forché reads "The Museum of Stones" at the 2008 Split This Rock Poetry Festival.

These are your stones, assembled in matchbox and tin,
collected from roadside, culvert, and viaduct,
battlefield, threshing floor, basilica, abattoir–
stones, loosened by tanks in the streets
Niki Herd

Blessed Be

By Niki Herd the black body found
next door near the house where
the blind girl lived
Venus Thrash

Gunpowder Lives

By Venus Thrash Ever since my next-door neighbor stopped
in front of the stoop, unfolded The Post
to her son's smiling face, I've been obsessed
with the Obits page.
Pages d. Matam

register now for freedom

By Pages d. Matam ever seen the smile of a brown child
so loud it leaves Jericho shakin' in its overpriced boots

ever seen the smile of a brown child
so late the rest of the world still wanna catch up to its wind
Brian Gilmore


By Brian Gilmore like fidel after raiding
moncada barracks

we face history like
seed removed from
Kim Roberts


By Kim Roberts Oysters may look to us
like wet floppy tongues,

but there’s no licking.
There’s no touching.
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