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Dominique Christina

Mothers of Murdered Sons

By Dominique Christina This poem is in video format.
Denice Frohman

The Hour Dylann Roof Sat In The Church

By Denice Frohman By now, you know their names, their cheekbones—
the tender hands they offered when you walked in.

You know the quivering strength of prayer and the art of making God listen.
How faith can summon weary backbones into pyramids.
Linda Hogan


By Linda Hogan This is the word that is always bleeding.
You didn't think this
until you country changes and when it thunders
you search your own body
Fatimah Asghar


By Fatimah Asghar am I not your baby?
brown & not allowed

my own language?
my teeth pulled
Thomas “Tom Cat” Hill


By Thomas "Tom Cat" Hill
Arthur Sze

Criss Cross

By Arthur Sze
Jeffrey McDaniel


By Jeffrey McDaniel
Khaled Mattawa


By Khaled Mattawa
Sonia Sanchez

Poem for Split This Rock

By Sonia Sanchez
Marilyn Nelson

Millie Christine

By Marilyn Nelson
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